Roadplast Primer P1

Roadplast Primer P1

  • Comes in a variety of grades and colours to suit a wide range of requirements

  • Manufactured in a fully accredited AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 facility

  • Tested in a NATA accredited laboratory

  • Ultimate in quality and durability.

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Ennis-Flint® Roadplast Primer P1 is formulated to be used as primer to promote adhesion of Ennis-FlintĀ® Roadplast cold applied plastic products on concrete surfaces. It is a colourless liquid formulated from methyl methacrylate.

Ennis-Flint® Cold Applied Plastic products are called Ennis-Flint® Roadplast and are based on a blend of MMA acrylic polymers, and other high quality materials.

Ennis-Flint® Roadplast is used for the delineation of bus lanes and cycle ways as well as many other coloured areas. It can also be used for line marking carparks, pedestrian areas and the highlighting of road signs such as school zones, T-Ways and E-Ways.

The product can also be used instead of pro le thermoplastic to create an incredibly durable and high luminance audio tactile edge-line that is capable of handling the most extreme conditions and traffic.