Preformed Thermoplastic and Paint at Curtin University

In March 2017, Traffic Systems West, the Western Australian distributor of Ennis-Flint products was approached by Landscape Artist Mr. Trevor Richards, to aid in the material specification for a ‘shared zone’ between the Curtin University Campus and the University Bus Depot. The brief outlined a project to create a visual and tactile separation from the existing roadway, whilst achieving the design and colour variations defined by the artist. 


The rhomboid shapes (330 pieces) were Ennis-Flint Preformed Thermoplastic in standard yellow, with each rhomboid manufactured in two pieces to give a total dimension 800 x 840mm. Traffic Systems West were asked to assist with their industry experience in setting out the design and providing skilled labour and training for the installation.


The remaining 3 colours were manufactured to order in Ennis-Flint Waterborne Roadmarking Paint which was applied by airless spray in two coats with Ennis-Flint Crushed Glass Aggregate. The topically applied crushed glass was encapsulated between the coats of paint to provide an excellent non-slip micro texture.

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