Ennis-Flint Roadplast S™ is on the Road in APAC

In a continuous effort to improve safety on the Malaysian highways, PROPEL, the highway maintenances company for PLUS highway has applied Ennis-Flint Roadplast S™ Anti-Skid Pavement System on one of the ramps approaching the Penang Bridge in Penang, Malaysia. According to PROPEL, the ramp is not dangerous but poses a slight safety risk when drivers ignore the posted speed limit during wet weather.


Roadplast S™increases friction between the pavement and vehicle tires while reducing skid at bends and corners. Roadplast S™ is made up of a layer of base coat and high PSV anti-skid aggregate that is applied on top of the existing road surface. A thin layer of top coat is then applied on top of the aggregate to seal it.

This application was applied overnight, from 11 pm to 5 am it took 8 hours to complete 1500m2 at an installation speed 200-250 m2 per night. The system took three to four hours to dry before the highway was re-opened to traffic.  On normal roads without  a coating, skid resistance value (SRV) is 45. This was increased to above 65 SRV after application of the Roadplast S™ Anti-Skid Pavement System.

Roadplast S™ provides an improved texture depth and high skid resistance ensuring safe friction levels for all vehicles in all weather conditions and has a positive impact on highway safety by reducing accidents due to slippery road surfaces during wet weather.

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