Glass Beads

Glass Beads

  • Conform to the requirements of particle size distribution

  • Exceed the requirements of roundness (>70%) by up to 28%

  • Exceed the parameters set by AS/NZ 2009:2006

  • Excellent Night time visibility

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Recent tests confirm that Ennis-Flint® High Performance Glass Beads don't just comply to AS/NZS 2009, but that they significantly exceed the test criteria on several key indicators. Many applicators using Ennis-Flint High Performance Glass Beads are also reporting significantly enhanced retroreflectivity levels compared to other products.

APAS approved; Ennis-Flint® High Performance Glass Beads are certified by APAS to Specification 0042. Colour: Ennis-Flint® High Performance Glass Beads have been found to be lighter in colour than the standard. Ennis-Flint® has scoured the globe and leveraged its worldwide supply chain to identifythe best and most reliable sources of glass beads.

Through dynamic collaboration with highly respectedmanufacturers and suppliers, Ennis-Flint® is able to offer its customers an outstanding product that’s madeto our exact specifications at a highly competitive price-point. When customers buy glass beads from Ennis-Flint®, they are assured of an outstanding proposition that’s been specifically engineered for use with high performance road marking materials.

Ennis-Flint® High Performance Glass Beads Type B, C, D, DHR and BHR are available now along with various bead mixes and Anti-Skid blends, using our new synthetic Anti-Skid medium. Say NO to Quartz: Ennis-Flint® is proud to be leading the way in the campaign to remove Quartz from our roads. Historically used as an Anti-Skid aggregate and blended with glass beads, the use of Quartz has long been promoted as an acceptable means to achieve the necessary BPN rating without losing too much retroreflectivity.

Unfortunately research has proven that prolonged exposure to Quartz can cause respiratory problems and in some cases lead to lung disease, such as Silicosis. Ennis-Flint® Anti-Skid bead blends contain NO Quartz and thanks to the engineered aggregate, produce outstanding retroreflectivity results.

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