HPS-C1 Roll On

HPS-C1 Roll On

  • A solution for areas where heavy, frequent vehicle traffic and high grip/anti slip requirements are an issue

  • The high friction texture significantly reduces the occurrence of aquaplaning for vehicles, cyclists and anti slip effectiveness & safety for pedestrians

  • Fast dry, minimizing downtime, application costs and worker time on the road

  • Tenacious adhesion to most substrates

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HPS – C1 Roll On is a MMA based resin CAP marking material, developed for High Friction coatings, Anti-slip coatings, Broad Area Coloured Surfaces, Pedestrian Crossings, Waterproof Coatings, Marine surfaces, and specialised uses in the mining industry.

As a multi coat system, encapsulating aggregates, anti-slip coatings and skid resistance can be maintained for the designed life of the project.

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